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Step 1: Price

How much are you willing to pay? Price and quality typically go hand-in-hand. However, if your computer usage is minimal you probably don't need a high-priced machine.

Need help? We currently see four price groups. For under $300, you'll get a laptop that does basic tasks but nothing impressive. Between $300-$500, your laptop will handle basic tasks easily. Between $500-1,000, you'll get a nice laptop that is very quick with basic tasks and can handle advanced functionality. For $1,000+ you'll get a laptop that can handle almost anything.

Step 2: Operating System

A lot of people have to have one or the other. What is your preference?


Many options, configurable, more complex.



Few options, high quality, user-friendly.



You can work with either.


Step 3: Functionality

We will make sure to recommend a computer that can do everything you need it to do. What types of tasks and activities will you be performing on your new computer?

Check Email

Listen to Music

Watch Videos

Browse Internet

Office Software

Several Apps Simultaneously

Many Internet Tabs

Editing Pictures

Intensive Applications

Storing Documents

Storing Pictures/Music

Storing Videos

Step 4: Portability

Tell us how portable your new computer will need to be.

Very Small / Portable

You're on the go a lot.


Fairly Portable

Bring the laptop sometimes.


Not Important

Laptop size doesn't matter.



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We couldn't find any matches in your price range, but here are the best deals you can get for what you need.

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We couldn't find any matches for your search at any price. This usually means we couldn't find a small laptop packed with all the functionality you're looking for. We recommend looking at less portable options.